Family law, which is also sometimes referred to as matrimonial law, includes various types of legal situations that involve the family unit. The Carima Law Firm focuses on this practice area and works hard to help their clients through various family law cases.

Types of Legal Issues Focused on by The Carima Law Firm:

Divorce is a common aspect of family law and under the broad spectrum of divorce is custody arrangements, alimony payments, paternity issues, contempt, child support and modification. In addition to divorce, health care proxies, restraining orders and relocation/removal matters are also frequently dealt with along with property division and DOR issues.

The Importance of Wills and Estate Plans:

Family law also covers the preparation of wills as well as the durable or limited powers of attorney. These are crucial steps towards setting up a person’s end-of-life plans and/or determining who they want their assets to go to and who should take care of their kids if the children are minors. Although dealing with after death plans isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, it’s important for every adult, no matter their level of wealth, to have an estate plan in place to ensure the state they live in doesn’t end up making their choice for them. It also makes it much easier on the family left behind to know the true desires of their departed loved one. It takes the pressure off them to make potentially tough choices.

There are many issues that fall under the broad family law category and Massachusetts family lawyers at the Carima Law Firm understand the laws surrounding them all. They work with their clients to get them through the tough things of life, from the end of a marriage in divorce to the preparation for the end of a life in estate planning. Call them today to schedule a consultation to learn how they can help you through your legal issue.

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