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When it comes to matters of the law, you need an assertive and compassionate attorney who will provide personalized guidance and tenacious representation.

Attorney Carima offers one-on-one guidance and vigorous representation. She takes the time to get to know you, and your case to obtain the best possible outcome that is in your best interests and, if necessary, your children. Christine strives to develop creative solutions to your legal matter so that your future is protected whether you need help with a family law or divorce matter including custody, child support, or your entire divorce or paternity matter Attorney Carima has the tenacity, experience and compassion you need for a successful solution.

When you find yourself facing a family law matter, Carima Law can assist you through the struggle, confusion and emotional tempest you are facing. Attorney Carima is dedicated and compassionate; she understands the emotional and legal storms you are facing during this difficult time. She will tell you what you need to know and won’t pull any punches; working hard to meet your needs.

When you are facing civil litigation, which can be frustrating and complicated, Carima Law can assist you through the storm of breach of contract, construction, or home improvement projects to Chapter 93A litigation. Christine will provide the aggressive representation needed to bring difficult case to a favorable close. Attorney Carima is a strong advocate to have at your side as go through the storm of litigation.

Attorney Carima is an excellent negotiator; she advocates tenaciously for her clients whether it is an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce, child support, custody, visitation and parenting plans, paternity matters, spousal support, removal/relocation matters, restraining orders, modifications, contempt matters, or DOR issues to reach settlements without going to trial. Attorney Carima looks forward to speaking about your family matter needs and what she can do to assist you through the storm to a successful solution. Attorney Carima also represents clients in their civil litigation matters as well with the same amount of tenacity, understanding and compassion to obtain the best possible results.

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